Month: March 2014


早就有想法要搞个水族箱玩玩,本来想玩海缸,不过考虑到海缸花销实在是无底洞,所以就转投淡水缸了。 2014年3约24日淘宝上找好小缸及其附件再加水草、装饰等,下单:   今天接近中午的时候到货,乘着午休的时间弄回家把它给装起来了。忙活了一中午大概两个小时,洗底沙,防水,水草造景,等等等等。 现在已经出局规模了,准备养个2、3天的水,去买几条小鱼儿建生态硝化链,拭目以待!

Ignore MySQL Replication Error

Normally MySQL replication will stop whenever there is an error running a query on the slave. This replication error happens in order for us to be able to identify the problem and fix it, and keep the data consistent with the mater

MH370 猜想

由于MH370航班的飞机一直下落不明,已经过去很多天了,现在满世界的结论性谣言已经满天飞了,摘抄两个比较有代表性的,其内容并不代表本人观点,纯属网友的臆断。Let’s pray for MH370.

Enable PHP-FPM Status Page for Nginx

PHP-FPM has a very useful built-in status page. You can access it over web and also write scripts to monitor your PHP-FPM sites health remotely. Enabling PHP-FPM Status Page Edit PHP-FPM Config In file /etc/php-fpm.d/www.conf, find pm.status_path variable. vim +/pm.status_path /etc/php-fpm.d/www.conf Uncomment that line (if

Start with Vagrant + Chef

Assume you’ve know Vagrant and Chef and want to dig out deeper. Here has all you need, check them out. You need to have basic vagrant command knowledge to continue though I try to make everything as easy as possible,