Month: August 2014

Split File Into Smaller Multiple Files

This example will show how to TAR and GZIP a large file and split the file into smaller multiple files. First, TAR and GZIP the large file: tar -czvf newlarge.tgz largefile.dat After the that step is done you should now

Move /var to another existing partition?

Go into single user mode, and make sure any process writing to /var is stopped. (Check with lsof | grep /var) mkdir -p /home/var rsync -va /var /home/var mv /var /var.old # you can remove /var.old when you are done

List the tables that ain’t support Galera Cluster

Basically, if you want to have your DB serve by Galera cluster, you have to use InnoDB storage engine and define a primary key for each table.