Month: February 2015

Nginx FastCGI Example (with PHP FPM) – Path_Info & PHP_SELF

There are many guide about configuring nginx with PHP FPM, but many of them are incomplete (doesn’t handle PATH_INFO correctly) or contain security issues (doesn’t check whether the script is indeed php file).

Remove CNNIC ROOT certs from your system

CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) plays evil! Let’s get rid of it asap! 有些浏览器(IE、Chrome、Safari)使用的是操作系统的证书体系。这种情况下,你需要把 CNNIC 证书从操作系统的证书体系中去掉。还有些浏览器(比如Firefox、Opera)是自己带了一套证书体系。你只要在其配置界面,把不要的证书去除即可。下面分不同的浏览器,不同的操作系统,分别介绍。