TDI eLearning Skipper – Chrome Extension

TDI website elearning process is quite annoying, though it’s ensuring you go take time to review all the sections again!

I decided to create the Google Chrome Extension to ease the process.

How does it work?

Basically, this extension would go through the DOM element on TDI eLearning page, and open the section url one by one in the chapter. After each of them had been opened, it will redirect the current active tab to the exam page so you could start the exam immediately. NOTE: I don’t recommend you to take the exam immediately, you should go back to the section you miss answered carefully.


In your Google Chrome address bar type “chrome://extensions/” and hit “Enter” key or Go to “More Tools -> Extensions”, this would open Chrome’s Extensions management tab.

Download onto your local folder, drag and drop them into Chrome’s Extensions management tab you opened just now.

Update on Sep 17th, 2016: Google Chrome enhanced its security, extension that is not published in Chrome Web Store is forced to be disabled (with no way to enable). Thus, it’s required to put onto your local (download the zip: or git clone the /master branch), and in the Extension management tab (as opened above), check “Develop mode” -> “load unpacked extension…” -> point to you local copy of the extension.

Be noted that doing this may require you to choose decide whether turn off “develop mode” at every chrome start up.


License & Disclaimer

The extension (and its source code) is issued under MIT license, free feel to use / modify.

It’s been written in a quick and dirty way while taking the eLearning hence it may not function well (but happy to fix if there is any error). I am not responsible for any kind of error, inconsistence.

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