SCUBA regulator port and hose specification

I am a bit struggling while I am going for my own scuba equipment for my technical diving, especially for the choice of first stage regulator. I am basically struggling between scubapro MK17 and MK25.

The rotatable swivel and 5th low pressure port features MK25 a very good choice of the hose layout on either left and right post behind you on the cylinder, especially the 5th low pressure port, it avoids the hose twisting, bending together!

however, MK25 is piston, and MK17 is diaphragm. Although the performance is different (MK25 has almost double the performance than MK17 as scubapro specified), I am still prefer MK17 due to the fact that diaphragm one is isolated from environment which makes it more reliable and durable than piston especially in extreme condition like cold and dirty water.

Here comes the problem if I choose MK17, how to properly layout the hoses? A 90-degree swivel adapter comes to rescue, like these:


But which one suits? I have to gone through all the specification of the first stage specification to find out. here is the summary:






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