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Android ADB command line for calls

some funny android console command (ensure you enabled your android device’s USB debugging mode before trying):

Drop All Tables in MySQL Database in one single command

Usually to to drop the database / schema and then re-create it is a quite easy way to delete all the tables. But this is applicable only if you have the permission to deal with the database / schema

Nginx FastCGI Example (with PHP FPM) – Path_Info & PHP_SELF

There are many guide about configuring nginx with PHP FPM, but many of them are incomplete (doesn’t handle PATH_INFO correctly) or contain security issues (doesn’t check whether the script is indeed php file).

Remove CNNIC ROOT certs from your system

CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) plays evil! Let’s get rid of it asap! 有些浏览器(IE、Chrome、Safari)使用的是操作系统的证书体系。这种情况下,你需要把 CNNIC 证书从操作系统的证书体系中去掉。还有些浏览器(比如Firefox、Opera)是自己带了一套证书体系。你只要在其配置界面,把不要的证书去除即可。下面分不同的浏览器,不同的操作系统,分别介绍。


Create /etc/profile.d/ file if it’s doesn’t exist, and add / change the content to (if you are using JDK from Oracle, you may need to adapt the path if you are using other JDK): export JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/default/

To remove the promiscuous mode authentication in VMware Fusion

To remove the promiscuous mode authentication “A virtual machine is attempting to monitor all network traffic” prompt you need to create promiscuous authorized file.

Shadowsocks and OpenWRT (ss-redir) transparant proxy setting

Shadowsocks and OpenWRT together can make your local network routing rock!



Atlassian License Key Decoder

I made a Atlassian License Key Decoder at:, simply paste the license key content and decode. Please be noted that this Atlassian products license key decoder does not (and can not) generate any Atlassian key at all. This decoder

Parsing bash arguments with ‘getopts’

Let’s suppose that I’m writing a test script, that needs, as argument, the type of the test, the server, the server root password and for debugging purpose we’re going to have a verbose flag too. So, putting it down: “-t”